Year in REview 2022

Take some time to fill out your Year In REview 2022 form. This will give you an opportunity to look back at who you were in this past year, where you put your energy and what you accomplished. I encourage you to share your answers with me by filling in your first and last name and email at the bottom of the form, then click "save and send".

Once you are done reviewing 2022, please turn your attention to a new form, The Year In PREview for 2023. This will open up the horizon for the year to come and start your gears turning on designing your new year!

Enjoy this meaningful process. I can't wait to read your responses.

Have a wonderful holiday season,


If you are a coach, consultant or own your own business, you may like to complete the Business Year in Review form after completing this one. CLICK HERE to access the Business Year in Review form.

1) What are your highlights and big ah ha’s from the past year?

2) What are you most grateful for that was present this year?

3) Share how your own resiliency, grit and perseverance helped you navigate this year?

4) In what ways did you engage with your wellness practices this year? For example: exercise, healthy eating, meditation, sleep, time in nature and connection with others.

5) In what ways did you evolve (increase or decrease) your overall vitality this year?

6) How did you deepen your relationships this year?

7) What specific accomplishments did you achieve this year?

8) How will you celebrate yourself to acknowledge your accomplishments from this year?

9) What were your fears, barriers, limiting beliefs and disappointments this year? What will you do to let go of these?

10) What do you need to complete before the end of this year?

11) What still needs to transform, shift and grow for you to have the vital life you’re yearning for next year and beyond? 

12) What was your Vitality Equation for 2022 (Life Goals + Wellness = Vitality)? Your Vitality Equation is your highest life goals supported by your  wellness practices to create increased levels of vitality.

Example of a Vitality Equation: Write my memoir (Life Goal) + Do yoga and meditation 3x/week (Wellness) = I am energized and motivated from my yoga/meditation routine, which helps me focus on my book at least 2 hours a day. (Vitality).